Farmers Development Programs

  • Veterinary Service:


    We have 7 Veterinary Hospital and in each hospital, there is a Veterinary Doctor and 2 or 3 Live Stock Assistants. Through these hospitals, we are giving medical aid and artificial insemination to the cows of the farmers at low of cost.

  • Cattle Insurance:


    We are giving subsidy on cattle insurance premiums. Majority of our farmers insure their cows and are benefited financially. Moreover, on the occasion of the unexpected death or PTD of cows, they become eligible for Death/PTD claims.

  • Calf Rearing Scheme :


    Under this scheme, cattle feed and medical treatment with medicines are supplied at free of cost to selected farmers who are financially very poor.

  • Special Incentive to farmers:


    We are giving special incentives to society and farmers who are giving more milk to us. It will motivate them to sustain in dairying and to work hard for better yield of milk.